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We provide a complete range of plumbing services for residential and commercial customers

We can take care of all your residential plumbing needs, from kitchen and bathroom remodels and service work to new construction.  If you are remodeling your bath or kitchen, or maybe you just need a new hot water tank or toilet, we can help. 

We are your "Mom and Pop" shop, which means we can offer you competitive pricing.  You can count on friendly on-time service with no surprises.  Work is done with integrity and your satisfaction is guaranteed with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

We service the following areas in Tacoma, University Place, on the Gig Harbor Peninsula: Artondale, Olalla, Burley, Canterwood, Fircrest, Fox Island, Gig Harbor, Maplewood, Purdy, Rosedale, Ruston, Wollochet, Forest Beach and Sunrise Beach.

Gig Harbor Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair Is an Emergency

When your pipes break, it is an emergency. Crescent Valley’s licensed plumbers can help you keep calm, and we can arrive at your house in Tacoma or Gig Harbor promptly. First you must turn off your water at the shutoff valve. This is necessary to stop the water damage to surrounding areas. A broken pipe needs a repair job immediately, call us today at (253)-853-6928 or Contact us about Emergency Pipe Repair Services

We Arrive on Time:

Plumbers are notorious for their unreliability during a crisis such as pipe repair. At Crescent Valley Plumbing, we always arrive on time with a fully stocked van that is capable of handling most of your pipe repair emergencies.

Other poorly stocked plumbing companies may not carry specialized hardware or tools with them.  We understand that you have a life to live, and a broken water pipe can disrupt your daily schedule.

Our goal is to have your water working again so you can get on with your daily routine.



PVC Piping installationRe-Piping Services:

Broken pipes often result from water freezing in the pipes, which expands causing the pipes to burst. Similarly, exposed piping is more susceptible to freezing. Water heater piping can also burst from changes in temperature. At Crescent Valley Plumbing, we can help all of Tacoma and Gig Harbor with all their re-piping needs. We can help you replace that outdated, worn piping, or we can insulate your current piping to protect it from changes in temperature, so that your pipes won’t burst again next year.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure it may be due to old corroded/rusty pipes. It may be time for a whole house re-pipe. Crescent Valley Plumbing specializes in installing new pipes throughout your home. Our trained and licensed plumbers will have your water running in no time.

Call Us Today - 253-853-6928 or Contact us about Pipe Repair Services

We always stand behind our work. If you have an issue with our plumbing services, we offer a one year warranty.
Customer satisfaction is ALWAYS number one.

Gig Harbor Pipe Installation & Repair

Sewer Line Installation

  • We install new sewer lines for residential and commercial locations in the Gig Harbor, Tacoma areas.

Sewer Line Cleaning & Repair

  • We clean existing sewer lines and drains, and can make repairs on broken outdoor sanitary sewer pipes for homeowners and businesses.

Water Line Installation & Repair

  • We install new water lines for residential homes and commercial locations in the Gig Harbor, Tacoma areas.  This includes trenching and connection of the water line to your home from the meter.

Gas Line Installation

  • We install new gas lines for residential and commercial locations in .

Water Leak Detection

  • We can help you find a hidden water leak in your home or yard, and make the necessary repairs to get it fixed.

Contact us about Pipe Installation Services

Tacoma Residential Remodeling & Construction Plumbing

Bathroom vanities installationPlumber for Remodeling

Are you remodeling your home in the Tacoma or Gig Harbor area? Crescent Valley Plumbing can handle any job a plumbing contractor might need to have done. When you need a plumber for remodeling a small residence or a large facility, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done promptly, and have it done right the first time to avoid needless repairs further down the line. Call us today at (253)-853-6928.

Residential Plumbing Contractor

Many homeowners are tempted to approach plumbing problems by themselves. However, without the expertise of years of experience, the proper tools, or the correct parts, a simple job can escalate into a nightmare. Often, a plumbing failure can set the remodeling deadline back by weeks, and lead to unnecessary costs. Always leave your residential plumbing remodeling, or your residential plumbing new builds, to a licensed professional such as Crescent Valley Plumbing.

Kitchen sink & dishwasher repair & installation Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

Kitchen remodeling can seem like a simple task, but end up being a disaster without the proper tools and expertise. At Crescent Valley Plumbing, we can help your kitchen remodel run smoothly in a timely fashion, so you can stay on budget—or even save money. We can help you with your re-piping, appliance such as dishwasher replacement or installation and garbage disposal installation, and installing new fixtures such as faucets.

Do you want to build a new home or your first home? Crescent Valley Plumbing plumbers have years of experience in residential new construction plumbing.   Contact us about Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Plumbing for General Contractors

General contractors in the Tacoma or Gig Harbor area, we can be your one-stop-shop. We are fully equipped to handle plumbing installation of water, sewer, and gas lines. We have extensive experience with general bathroom plumbing services such as toilet installation, servicing plumbing systems, and all major and minor repairs.

Commercial Plumbing Installation & Repairs

Retail Stores and Businesses

Does your retail business in the Tacoma or Gig Harbor area have an issue with its plumbing? Don’t waste time with other services that can hold up your business so you lose money waiting for a plumber to arrive on scene. Our timely services can solve your light plumbing issues, such as re-piping or unclogging clogged drains, so that you can get back to what is important—running your business. Call us today at (253)-853-6928.

Blocked Drains Can Cause Damage

Though blocked drains can seem like a small issue, they can actually cause serious damage to your home or business. They can cause water damage to floors and ceilings, or even seep down into basements and in between walls. Many over-the-counter drain cleaners can actually damage your piping, as well as harm the environment. Don’t let a small problem become a nightmare further down the road. Let Crescent Valley Plumbing unclog or reconstruct your drain today.

Contact us about Commercial Plumbing

Water Heater Repair

Rheem hot water heater installed in Gig HarborWater Heater Installation

Tacoma and Gig Harbor can get cold in the winter, and the last thing you need is to have no hot water for an extended period of time. We can help you repair your water heater whether you have a gas or electric water heater. We have decades of expertise in the field and can help you with any problem, be it a simple valve or gas control replacement, or replacing and installing a whole new water heater.

There are many types of water heaters, be they conventional gas water heaters that use a pilot light or ignition system, or an electric water heater. There are many options in water heater installation. We can help you find a water heater that operates extremely efficiently. We also have extensive expertise in tank less water heaters.

At Crescent Valley Plumbing, we can help you install any type of water heater in the Tacoma or Gig Harbor area.  Contact us about Water Heater installation

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairing:

There are many signs that can indicate a problem with your water heater, not only lack of hot water. If you have rust colored water, you likely need to have your water heater repaired. Occasionally your water heater will make a high-pitched noise or even a loud rumble that may be a leak or a valve that has completely broken down. If you have a gas heater and you notice a rotten egg smell that is stronger when the water is running, turn off the gas to the water heater, and call us and your gas company immediately. (253)- 853-6928.

Tank less Water Heaters

Tank less water heaters can be a huge benefit to your home. They operate more efficiently because they aren’t continuously heating a large tank of water when you aren’t using it. For this reason, they save space. Most electrically controlled tank less water heaters are only the size of a small suitcase. Furthermore, they have a longer lifespan than your traditional water heaters. Instead of 10-15 years with your traditional water heater, tank less water heaters can last 20 years or more. We have extensive experience with all types of tank less water heater repair and installation. Let us help you today.

Contact us about Tankless Water Heaters


We always stand behind our work. If you have an issue with our plumbing services, we offer a one year warranty.  Customer satisfaction is ALWAYS number one.




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